Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slovakia gunman shoots six dead before killing himself

Police rushed to the area and residents were warned to stay off the streets

A gunman has opened fire in Slovakia's capital, killing six people in a flat and injuring 14 others outside before shooting himself dead, police say.

Latest reports say four women and two men were killed in the incident, in the Devinska Nova Ves district, on the north-western outskirts of Bratislava.

The man, aged 50, shot himself dead after being surrounded, said officials.Police said he had been armed with an automatic assault rifle and two handguns.
Cmdr Jaroslav Spisiak said police arrived as the gunman was leaving a house in which he had shot six people dead - one of the victims was found dead in a corridor outside the flat.

All those killed were believed to be members of the same family.
"He was alone. He fired at everything that moved during his escape bid," Cmdr Spisiak told reporters.
"More officers came, surrounded him, and he had no choice but to commit suicide."

Earlier reports had suggested the attacker was a 15-year-old boy.
Broken glass
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Details of the shooting remain sketchy and the motive for the attack is not yet known.

Eyewitnesses said the shooting took place on a busy street, near a supermarket and a kindergarten. Police rushed to the scene and sealed off the area.

A teacher at the nursery school, Marta Vozdranukova, told Slovak TV that a Roma (Gypsy) man was among those shot dead and that the gunman had attacked a family in a flat above the school.

There were no casualties in the school, she said. "An injured man crawled in, but he has been already taken away in an ambulance for treatment. We just gave him first aid."

A spokeswoman at Bratislava University Hospital said nine people were being treated there but none was in a serious condition.

"The most seriously injured patient has multiple shots in the stomach but I don't have the information that his life would be directly threatened," she said.

Local media reports said one of those injured was a police officer.
An emergency services spokeswoman, Dominika Sulkova, was quoted earlier as saying the death toll might rise.
"A three year-old child was present at the attack, but he is fortunately out of danger," she said.
"People who were injured by broken glass received treatment on the spot."
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